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Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party

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Winnie The Pooh Birthday Party


Join Pooh and me for a party!
Where: 100 acre woods located at 'address'

Crackers, vegetable sticks and dips, peanut butter and jelly or baloney and cheese sandwiches, honey. Serve food on flowery plates.

Chocolate Cake with Winnie the Pooh face on it. Decorate with white icing, Winnie the Pooh candles, and border it with blue, yellow and red cupcakes.

Pictures of Pooh and friends from 100 acre woods; blue, yellow and purple baloons; helium balloons with Winnie the pooh party theme; honey pots (miniature clay pots with "Hunny" painted on).

Goodie Bags
Jars with "Hunny" painted on that contain: Winnie the Pooh note pads, stickers, white-and-blue filled candy, gummy bears, granola bars.


Pin the Tail on Eyore
Draw Eyeore on a large drawing paper and blindfold the kids ...

Winnie Dress Up Game
Winnie costumes, Eyore costumes (try bargain childresn clothing stores or Wallmart). Let the kids play and "act out" the various gang members.

Honey Pot Search:
Use the kids goodie bags or have baby bottles filled with applesauce, gummy bears, or small chocolate bars.
The one who finds the most will receive a special Winnie plush toy (or a POoh video).

Honey Pot Treasures
A variation of the honey pot search for those who have large backyards with trees. Make honey pots and and hide them in the hundred acres wood.

Guess the Bees in the Honey Pot
Fill up a jar with yellow and black jelly beans. The kids have to guess how many bees are in the honey pot. The winner will keep the jelly beans.

Finish with a Pooh birthday party video.

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