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What's In A Name Party

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What's In A Name Party


This needs to be done in advance. Write down all your guests' names. Look up the meaning in a baby name book. (Some names are derived from another name, use that meaning.) I n one column list their names, and in another column list all the different meanings. Your guests have to guess whose name matches what meaning. (If a guest has an unusual name not found, list a corky character trait that person has. i.e. - Jazzton = likes to belch and fart on command.) Or you can use a funny physical description (i.e. - she walks around the office with a pen on each ear!) or character traits, instead of looking up the meaning. Make sure the descriptions aren't too harsh or embarrassing. You can get suggestions from other guests.


The Perfect Baby
Ask the guests the following questions – “According to the mother-to-be, her perfect baby would have …” For example, pretend the mother's name is “Jane” and the father's name is “John”.
So one question would be:
Who's eyes would the mother to be like the baby have: Jane's or John's.” The person who guesses the mother's-to-be most perfect baby, the one with the most correct guesses wins.

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