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Teletubbies Birthday Party

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Teletubbies Birthday Party


Go to and print out some nice Teletubbies invitations.
Complete the invitations with a red or purple Teletubbie with your child's face and attach it to the cards with a cord.

You can have cupcakes decorated to look like each teletubby using pipe cleaners, colored food coloring, and M&Ms.
If you like to bake, make frost cakes with blue, purple and yellow. Spread icing on pointed ice cream cones for decoration.

Use English muffin with cheese and eyes cut out as Teletubby toast. Serve vanilla pudding (Tubby custard) colored pink, red or purple.
Tinky Winky Sundaes: Buy blueberry and blackberry-flavored yogurt or a purple ice cream. Then place layers of purple grapes (or blueberries) and yogurt in bowls or clear cups.

Tape footprint cutouts leading to your party area, so the guests know where to go.
Use streamers and balloons colored in red, green, purple, yellow.
Have blue helium balloons float around the ceiling to represent the sky. Hang Teletubbies posters on the wall. Draw sun, clouds and rainbows on poster board, and hang these pictures on the walls.

Goodie Bags
Buy inexpensive colored lunch bags in Teletubbie colors from a party store.
Get stuffed teletubbie toys tied with balloons which the guests can take home. Or you can have teletubbie plastic tumblers filled with candies (or stickers, coloring notepads etc.).

Games and Activities:

Hot Po
Play Teletubbies birthday party version of the classic "Hot Potato" game. However, instead of passing potato, the kids get a chance to pass Po plush doll (or other toy).

Big Hugs
Teletubbies love hugs, and everybody gets hugs in this game!
Write guest names on separate slips of paper and put them in a hat. Seat everyone in a circle and have them pass around the hat while music plays. When the music stops, the child holding the hat must pull out a name and give that person a hug. (Adults can help young children to read the names.) Continue until everyone has had at least 2 hugs.

Pin the Hat on Dipsy
Enlarge a picture of Dipsy. Make cutouts of the hat using cardstock or construction paper.

What's in Tinky Winky's purse
Fill a big red purse or gift bag with different items such as a whistle, a bouncy ball, a pair of sunglasses, etc. Let the kids take turns putting just their hands in the bag and try to guess what the object is by just feeling with their hands.

Try a water baloon toss for an all out fun :)

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