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Tea Shower Party

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Tea Shower Party

Here’s something unique, give a shower party in the afternoon and served various flavors of tea along with punch. Bring all of your teapot collection to for use. Serve traditional cucumber sandwiches (which everyone loved),make scones and clotted cream with jams. For the serving plates, Use various floral china plates if you have one or you could get cheap one on stores.

The gifts could be placed into the bassinet. Get several yards of nylon tulle and gather at one end, and tie with a ribbon and then thumb tacked it to the ceiling. The rest of it could be splayed out around the head and sides of the bassinet and draped it to the floor. Tiny roses could also be sewn or stapled to the tulle. Then set the mother's rocking chair next to the little bed for her to sit in.


Prize Balloon
It's an easy game to play and set up. First, you'll need to know how many guests will be going to your baby shower and then get that amount of balloons. (Example: 16 guests = 16 balloons) It's always a good idea to get a couple extra just incase one pops or something. Then, you get little pieces of blank papers and put them into the balloons before you blow them up. On only one piece of paper, write "winner" ( or whatever you'd like) and place that in a balloon. Right before your baby shower is over hand out one balloon to each person and have them pop it. The person that has the paper with writing on it gets the prize. It's as easy as that.

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