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Sweet 16 Birthday Party

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Sweet 16 Birthday Party

sweet 16

Whether or not your 16 year old is "sweet" you can still have fun playing up the Sweet 16 theme.

A number 16 decorated with glitter. Include old fashioned photo of a "prim" teenager and enclose a sugar packet.

Number 16s cut out or anything, stuffed animals and dolls with pink, white and silver balloons. Also use heart shaped confetti.

Foods And Cake
Finger sandwiches, pretzels, fruit salad ,cookies, lemonade and ice-cream cake For the cake. You can make or order a cake with white, pink frosting and put sweet 16 on the middle.

Give Aways
hair accessories, lip gloss, nail polish, temporary tattoos, diary or journal, rubber stamps, key chains.

20 questions game, Twister, celebrity or pop culture trivia darts (with photos of supermodels or boy bands!)

Arts & Crafts Beadings such as fashion jewelry making. Temporary tattoos or perhaps a cool t-shirt printing and cards or stationary making. Anything teens loved to do.

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