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Star Baby Shower Party

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Star Baby Shower Party


Decorate with Famous people and movies. Focus on Hollywood moms and movies focused on babies. E.g.) Moms- Nicole Kidman, Jackie Onasis, Pamela Anderson, Jodie Foster. Movies- Raising Arizona, Three Men and A Baby, Baby Boom, Look Who's Talking.


Famous Mom
A game to set off the theme is to write out a famous mom name on a piece of paper for each guest and put it on the back of the guest at the beginning of the party and the first one to guess right wins, of course they will have to ask others descriptive questions throughout to win.

Baby Hollywood
Each guest is given a list of celebrity moms on the left, and a list of names on the right. Match the celebrity mom to the name of her baby/child. Ex: Madonna would by match to Lourdes, using only the first or first and middle names, etc. Whoever matches the most correctly wins. Names of celebrity's children may be found online via different articles on many websites.

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