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Spiderman Birthday Party

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Spiderman Birthday Party


You can purchase a spiderman invitations.

Cake and Foods
Make spider shaped Peanut Butter & Jelly but you have to make sure with food allergy. You can prepare egg salad, & bologna/cheese sandwiches, some spider shaped cookies with red and blue frosting or spider shaped blue Jell-O jigglers. The children can decorate their cookies with icing and sprinkles as a food activity. Glue small images (from coloring pages or clipart) onto toothpicks. Let dry. Stick in the top of cupcakes for an instant theme party treat! You can create cupcakes with chocolate frosting brought out into a "web" design. Put small plastic spider rings on top.

Red and blue streamers and balloons would work well with the Spiderman color scheme. Use halloween spiderweb and spider decorations to hang webs around the house or not you can use a cheese cloth and cut it into snips until it makes a great effect.

Games and Activities

Pin The Spider On The Web
Make a big spider web out of cardboard. The idea is just like pin the donkeys tail.

Spider Web Walk
Cut circles from poster board. Use a permanent marker to draw spider webs. In the center if each circle write a number. Place the webs in a circle. Play Spiderman theme music or any kind of fun music and have the children step from web to web. W hen the music stops draw one of the numbers from a bag and the player on that number gets a sticker or candy.

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