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Princess Fairytale Birthday Party

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Princess Fairytale Birthday Party


Use castle and fantasy graphics.

On the outside-
You are invited to the Kingdom of Princess "name"
to celebrate a royal birthday.

And Inside-
Castle Location:
RSVP to the Royal Party Planner:

Princess Cake
Princess Castle Cake - have the baker use purple pipe cleaners as a way to make the door, and various ornamental finishing touches.

Jello jigglers in diamond shapes (Crown jewels), fruit salad, rice crispy treats in the shape of stars (with a popsicle stick going through them, and curling ribbon attached).
Serve a pink princess punch (cranberry raspberry juice mixed with pina colada non alcoholic drink mix and raspberry gingerale).

Have red plastic tablecloth decorated with markers on the sides (jewel shapes), and set down at the front steps as the red carpet.
Decorate with pink and white balloons, purple streamers, stickers ...
Sprinkle star confetti all around.

Goodie Bags
Little glass slippers (wedding favors) filled with pink jelly beans, wrapped in ribbon, Princess stickers, Princess crayons, little container of bubbles, pinwheel, little pink pocket-purse set with bracelet, ring and comb, and packs of Princess fruit snacks.


Put the Slipper on Cinderella
A variation of the pin the tail on the donkey game.
Blow up a picture of Cinderella from a coloring book to poster sized paper and then make slippers for each kid to tape on. Use a piece of princess fabric for the blindfold.

Free Tinker Bell from Her Lantern
Create miniature cut-outs of Tinker Bell (you can print from Disney website) with one of them colored green. Put one Tinker Bell in each balloon and also put glitter (pixie dust) in the balloons, too.
Spray "Pixie Dust" on the kids (a bottle of apple body spray decorated with pink tissue paper and mulit-colored ribbons) for luck, then each kid has to chose a balloon, and pop the balloon with a toothpick to free Tinker Bell.
Who has the green-colored Tinker Bell wins the prize.

Princess, Pop the Pea!
Have each girl try to pop a helium-filled balloon by sitting on it (or laying on it). If someone is not able to pop their balloon, you can carefully yet secretly help them by popping the balloon with a toothpick while they are sitting on it.

Pass The Pearls
The girls sit in a circle and pass a string of pearls around behind their backs while a little Mozart music plays in the background. Each girl who gets caught with the pearls, is given a pink feather. The game continues until each girl has a feather. Then the feathers are traded in for a string of pearls for each girl to take home. Everyone is a winner at this game!

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