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Pretty In Pink Birthday Party

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Pretty In Pink Birthday Party

pink roses

Print out something pink for the invitations
you could get background ideas on the internet
and add a little note about the guests
should wear as much pink as they can.
Then tie it with a pink ribbon.

Cake and Foods
Make a cake decorated with pink flower icing and white frosting. Any traditional party foods will do. Just add , just add pink for extra pizzazz and a strawberry punch would taste good for you pink motif.

Wrap pictures on your wall in pink wrapping paper. Replace a few light bulbs with pink bulbs for a rosy-hued room. Pink bed sheets can be draped over furniture or used as draperies above doorways. Pink jellybeans, conversation hearts or pink-wrapped chocolates are great on top of tables, or in a pink bowl. Pink construction paper, glitter and glue can be combined to create cone crowns for guests. Just make a cone out of the paper, decorate and wear. Scatter pink confetti and glitter along outside walkways leading to the party entrance to give guests a taste of what is to come.

Games and Activities
Play Bingo and call the game flamingo Bingo or Pretty in Pink Scavenger Hunt or Trivia Game. You can even offer prizes for the “pinkest pair,” or the “brightest sight.”

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