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Pirate Birthday Party

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Pirate Birthday Party


Pirate type graphic on front with "Ahoy There Matey". Inside: xxxBEWARExxx Captain "child's name" is having a Pirate Party Come on "date" If ye dare! Pier "address" "time" RSVP, Pirate Garb Optional (leave yer weapons on yer ship) Write invitation on paper and burn around the edges, then roll them up and put them in root beer bottles. Put the children's names on paper and glue that like a label on the outside of the bottles, leave the bottles on the children's doorsteps.

Other Invitations: soaking them in coffee. Let them dry or microwave them on low. Run this paper through the printer to print graphics of pirate ship or other pirate graphics. " be invited fer some birthday spirits at Captn Tyler's Buccaneer Bash Chart yer course fer the "location" ? day of month We be a meetin at "time" fer some swashbuckling fun, grub and kiddie spirits. Wave yer flag if ye be attendin or hav yer mum send message by yer phone to "number" Sees ye there.....aarrgghh!!!

Cake and Foods
Serve hotdog with pirate sails attached. Popcorn, goldfish, Swedish fish and gummy worms make good "fish bait." Cake and ice cream. Red punch for "crocodile blood punch." Scary fish made out of a watermelon. Cut small v's at one end of the watermelon to resemble a mouth with teeth and scoop out the insides into little melon balls. Then fill the fishes mouth back up with the melon balls, grapes, etc. Blue jello with gummy octopuses suspended in the middle to look like the ocean. Ice cream cone cupcakes decorated like pirates- including a wedding band earring.
For The cake. You can sheet the cake, frost with chocolate frosting. Use frosting tube or other to make a skull and cross bones on front. Put a frosting eye patch and bandana on the skull. Edge the cake with a design. Use fish on sides. Colorful small candies as jewels around. Could also find rectangular snack cakes, cut tops to hinge like a chest and fill with candies. Set these at corners of cake.
Readers Cake Ideas: Rectangular cake decorated with wavy blue buttercream. Make an island out of an upside down muffin cake, decorate green to make an island. Decorate with Playmobil pirate toys.

Balloons and black and gold streamers. Balloons taped to ceiling with ribbon hanging down. Attach handmade paper fish. Find a Halloween skeleton to hang on your front door. Make an old looking sign that says "Enter at yer own risk". Find a large cardboard box with flags. Tape flaps down. Cut 4-5" down from top along side, front and other side, leave backside uncut to use as hinge. Open for treasure chest. Decorate with either paper or markers to look like a treasure chest, could write "Keep Yer Hands Off" Captain NAME's. Use to hold gifts. Another treasure chest can be made from a Styrofoam chest. Paint and decorate with plastic gems. Make a pirate ship for the party by going to a local appliance store and getting a refrigerator box. Put the box on it's side and cut one side off. Then cut the sides into a ship shape. Use the flaps from the top of the box to make a pointed bow, and draw planks on the side to make look like wood. Make a helm by cutting the wheel shape out of cardboard (two pieces glued together to make it sturdy) and bolting that to another piece of cardboard which is bent in half so it stands up. Use pvc pipes (very cheap at the hardware store) stuck into flower pots filled with rocks to be the masts and make sails out of poster boards with a jolly roger drawn on them. Make a Cave: use several large cardboard boxes taped together with an entrance, dead end and exit. Cut a few holes in the top for light and fill the boxes with balloons. Hide pirate garb inside (hooks or other). Use a net for table cloth.

Goodie Bags
These will look like mini treasure chests. Need one paper lunch sack per child. Cut off top 2 inches. Use black marker to give bag a wood design. Outline edges of bag. Make one line 2 inches from top (side to side) and key hole. Fill with goodies and fold and tape. Another idea is to use recycled diaper wipes boxes. Rough up the sides with sandpaper and spray paint gold. Let the kids decorate them with stick on "jewels" (use stick on earrings). Fill with plastic gold coins and Mardi Gras jewelry. These can be used for the buried treasure game. Spray paint paper bags gold. Have the kids decorate them with markers, sequins and stickers.


Pin The X On The Treasure
Make a large map with an outline of an "X". Give each child a crayon and blindfold them. Have them make one x on the map. You can also pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate.

Musical Islands
Like musical chairs, only use a piece of paper in place of the chairs.

Treasure Hunt
This one takes work. You will need a hiding place for each goodie bag. Several clues for each child. At starting point each child gets a handwritten clue. Decorate the clues by making them look old. Write them on white paper, then dab a wet tea bag over them, let dry. This will take them to their next clue. Do this as many times as you wish with the final clue leading them to their treasure bag. You can also use empty diaper wipe containers, decorated to look like treasure chests.

Modified version of the treasure hunt for younger children. Purchase a small gift for each child and wrap each gift in different colored or themed wrapping paper.Hide the gifts. Then, give each child a small sample of the unique paper his/her gift is wrapped in. Instruct the children to find their gift wrapped in the matching paper.

Pass The Pirate Hat
Played like hot potato. Whenever someone is eliminated, they have to "walk the plank."

Sunken Treasure
Cleaned out all your child's old "McDonald" toys from the past year or so, and added some gold coins, etc -- anything that fit the theme. Fill a small pool with water and put the "treasure" in the bottom. The children can use shovels and kitchen utensils (can't use their hands, except the littlest who were under 3) to "dig" for sunken treasure.

Panning For Gold
spray paint some rocks (more of that trusty gold spray paint) gold. Fill a small wading pool with water and added a 25 lb. bag of sand and the "gold nuggets". Give the children metal pie plates and show them how to "pan" for gold.

Walking The Plank
Use a little tykes pool or other hard side kiddie pool and make a wooden plank to go across the top. Purchase enough rubber alligators for each child and put them at the bottom of the pool. Then filled with water. As they go out at Musical Island, they walked the plank.

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