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Hawaiian Luau
This is a party theme that can be carried out inexpensively, and is lots of fun. Go to your library and get CDs of old-fashioned Hawaiian music. Decorate the space with streamers and fresh flowers. Serve fruits like pineapples and oranges with sweet dipping sauces, and make a huge bowl of fruity punch. Give each teenager a lei and have them compete in limbo contests and ring toss. Allow them to float away in a tropical dreamland.

Cinderella's Ball
In a quinceanera-style celebration, celebrate your girl's sweet 16 in a fairy wonderland. If it's possible, ask guests to wear formal attire, and drink sparkling grape juice out of plastic champagne flutes. Serve playful "grown-up" foods like petit fours and finger sandwiches.

Perfect for a co-ed birthday party, have a '50s style sock-hop. Ask if you can rent out your local high-school's gym or your apartment's rec room for this old-time rock and roll party. Ask kids to dress the part, play songs from the soundtrack as well as other classic '50s tunes, and serve diner-style burgers and milk shakes for food. Hand out sunglasses or hair combs as favors.

Gift Ideas
Once you've set up an awesome birthday party for your teenager, the birthday battle is still only half over - you still have to get them a great birthday present! It is becoming more and more common these days for teens to ask for electronic devices like laptops or cell phones. And while you might be hesitant to hand a new cell phone over to your teenager (who still might be less than responsible), you should know that many parents are turning to cell phones as a way to keep track of their children as they spend more and more time away from home.
Fortunately, a cell phone doesn't have to be a big investment: there are many simple cell phones out there like the T-Mobile mytouch Q simple phone that are high-quality but won't break your birthday present budget. But know that whatever the gift you choose for your teen, they will still have a great time at the party you've created in their honor!

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