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Advice and the Humps
Everyone’s an expert at baby rearing...until it’s their turn, that is. Pass out note cards and pencils to each baby shower ideas participant and prepare for some mixed-up advice on how to get past the humps.
Have each person write down a typical question such as "What do you do when a baby cries?" or "How do you get a baby to sleep through the night?". Then, collect the cards and redistribute them face down (so you cannot see the question). Next, have the baby shower ideas participants write the answer to their original question on the blank side of their new card. Then read the baby shower ideas questions and answers on each cards and get ready to laugh! You may want to caution Mom at this point against actually taking advice to questions like "What do you do when a baby cries?" when the answer is "shake it up and down until it's ready"!

How Many Jelly Beans?
Fill a baby bottle with little jelly beans (or other small candy, try to find baby themed candy at candy stores). Show the baby shower ideas participants the baby bottle and have them guess how many beans or candy are in the baby bottle. How about picking the mom's favorite candy to use for the baby shower ideas? Or use baby pins instead of candy in the guessing game for the baby shower ideas for a low calorie version!

Grab The Pins
Another baby shower ideas relay using clothes pins and milk bottles. Choose two baby shower ideas participants to hold a long cord outstretched. The cord should already be set up with numerous clothes pins attached, thus resembling a clothes line. Each baby shower ideas participant uses one hand to remove as many clothes pins off the line as possible. The catch is that she can not transfer any pins to her other hand. She must use the same hand to hold and grab. As soon as she drops one, she’s out of this baby shower game.

Dirty Diapers
Fold white napkins or cloths into little diapers and fasten each with a small diaper pin. Place an unwrapped Hershey's chocolate kiss inside one of the napkins. Hand the "diapers" out to the baby shower ideas participants. Whoever lands the dirty diaper wins the "poopie" prize - a queen-size bag of chocolate kisses. (Warning: winner may lose appetite for chocolate kisses.) Here’s another less tasteful version of the baby shower ideas diaper game. Before the baby shower, take some disposable diapers and number them on the outside. Then, spread the inside of each with various food items having distinctive smells (i.e. tuna, horseradish, Italian dressing, garlic, mustard) Close each diaper up. When you’re ready to play baby shower ideas, pass out paper and pens to the baby shower guests and then quickly grab your camera for hilarious photo ops. Pass each diaper around for the players to smell, trying to identify the odors. The one with the most correct guesses wins!

Baby Ballons
Grandma may not be up for this baby shower ideas, but hopefully there are a few zippy gals at your baby shower who are willing to go for it! Place two laundry baskets across the room from each other, one filled with about 10 party balloons. Divide the baby shower ideas participants into two teams and watch the hysterics as your guests waddle across the room, clutching a balloon between their knees. The object of this baby shower ideas is to land the balloon in the other laundry basket without using hands. (Shaking, wiggling and hopping over the basket to free the balloon are all encouraged.) After the baby shower ideas participant gets her balloon in the basket, she runs back to her team so the next team member can begin. Up to two teams can go at the same time using four baskets. Whichever baby shower ideas team gets the most balloons in the basket within a certain time frame wins. Make sure to give mom-to-be an honorary turn.

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