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Little Mermaid Birthday Party

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Little Mermaid Birthday Party


You can purchase a little mermaid invitations. If you want to make them, you can print them out with seashells or little mermaid on it.

Cake and Foods
Make seashell shaped Peanut Butter & Jelly (make sure the guests aren't allergic!), tuna fish salad, & bologna/cheese sandwiches, seashell shaped cookies with pink frosting, seashell shaped pink Jell-O jigglers in a cookie sheet and cut them once it's set. You can also make a tuna salad, gold fish crackers in different flavors. To look nice serve snacks in plastic sand pails, sand castle molds, fish and shell shaped dishes. The children can decorate their cookies with icing and sprinkles as a food activity. Glue small images (from coloring pages or clipart) onto toothpicks. Let dry. Stick in the top of cupcakes for an instant theme party treat!
Make a Sand Castle Cake. A 2 to 4 layers of cake piled with frosting in the center. Frost the cake. Bake some of the cake mix in 4 ice cream cones. Put them on the 4 corners of the cake and frost them too. Sprinkle graham cracker crumbs ('sand') over the entire thing.

Green, teal and blue streamers and balloons would work well; green and blue Christmas lights can be hung around the room where you'll be eating the birthday cake. When the main lights are turned off, this will give a nice 'under the sea' effect. The green streamers hanging down from the ceiling like seaweed, the blue streamers attached to the ceiling in a wavy design. Make paper fish and other sea life and hang them from the ceiling at different heights.

For the cake table, use a blue table cloth or cheese cloth covered with netting. Lay seashells all around and sprinkle the table with fish shaped confetti. Make an 'Under the Sea' lamp. Take blue contact paper and cut wave shapes. Attach it to a plain white lamp shade. Set in the center of a room or close to one of the walls. Turn off the lights, leaving only the lamp on. The walls should have a pretty wavy look on them.

Games and Activities

Underwater Art
Make some "underwater art" where you draw a picture with wax crayon on white paper, then paint over with light blue watercolor paint. It looks just like a scene under the sea. Be sure to text the wax before the party.

Hula Skirt
You can use a light green trashbag and cut them like a hula skirt. Wrap them around the waist and the girls can have fun dancing to hula tune.

Underwater Treasure Hunting
Bury seashells, gold covered chocolate coins, gems (aquarium decorations from the pet store), costume jewelry and other trinkets in a sandbox or a plastic pool filled with sand. Give the children plastic shovels and let them hunt for buried treasure under the sea.

Sebastian the crab (from Disney's little mermaid) sings music perfect for doing the limbo! Make a limbo stick from a wrapping paper tube covered blue with streamers and crepe paper hanging off the ends.

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