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Little Princess Birthday Party

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Little Princess Birthday Party


Cake and Foods
Make a star shaped Peanut Butter & Jelly (make sure the guests aren't allergic!), egg salad, & bologna/cheese sandwiches, star shaped cookies with pink, yellow and white frosting, star shaped yellow Jell-O jigglers (make a big cookie sheet of jello jiggler and cut out once set) The children can decorate their cookies with icing and sprinkles as a food activity. Glue small images (from coloring pages or clipart) onto toothpicks and let it dry. Stick in the top of cupcakes for an instant theme party treat! Hollow out a pumpkin and fill with dip for veggies. You cna make kisses for the princess (Hershey’s kisses) and coated apples for the kids.

Pink and Purple streamers and balloons would work well with the princess theme. Make a cardboard Castle decoration in the center of a table. You could also make (non-drinkable) magic birthday potion/poison. By taking fairy dust (baking powder), dragon tears (vinegar) and ‘moat’ water – when mixed this foams and bubbles up. Get an old chest and filled it with dress up clothes. Look for long mirror use for them to gaze into the Mirror on the Wall.

Goodie Bags
Make a "Fairy Princess" party and the absolute hit in the treat bag was Fairy Princess Dust. A fine glitter (adult glitter for t-shirts etc, can be bought at the craft store). The glitter was in a pretty little bottle and the kids were given strict instructions to only use outdoors. Tie it into Disney, you could say it's Fairy Godmother Dust (the kind used to give Cinderella her fancy outfit and pumpkin coach) little bubbles that have a label on them little wands for the girls candy kiss castles as a party favor. Use a baby food jars and filled them with kisses, wrapped construction paper around them and drew a door on, painted the lid silver and glued 3 kisses on top.

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