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Great Party For Under $100

Budgeting For Your Child's Birthday: How to Throw a Great Party for Under $100

Most of us have attended birthday parties for children that probably cost their parents a small fortune. While some parents have no problem forking out hundreds of dollars for expensive birthday supplies and entertainment, it is not necessary to spend over a hundred dollars to put together a birthday bash for your child that he or she will love. If you follow this advice, friends and family members will be amazed by how little your beautiful party cost!

One of the first ways you should consider lowering the cost of the party is by catering the party yourself. This can seem like a monumental task if the guest list is long, but asking friends and family members to lend a hand in food preparation leading up to the party can make the cooking more managable. There are also hundreds of easy recipes online that you can whip up the night before to cut back on party day stress.

Another creative idea is to make your own decorations, invitations and party favors. Purchase poster board to create characters to spice up your walls and make your own invitations using a simple graphics program. You can find many different types of clip art online that can be used as the basis for both your invitations and your poster board characters. For example, if your child loves puppies, you can research and print different cartoon puppy images, cut them out and use them as a stencil by tracing them onto poster board. Add your own details to your puppy, again using the original clip art as a reference.

If you are pressed for time or not artistically inclined, you can often find birthday supplies that will fit within your budget by being a careful shopper. Look for discounted items that match your theme, even if they're not exactly right. For example, for a Spiderman theme, red plates will work instead of Spidey plates, as long as you have other Spiderman related items at your party.

Consider throwing a costume party as a fun way to celebrate your child's birthday. A costume party can be themed or not and it is not necessary that parents spend a lot on costumes. Children love to get creative, so with a little help from adults they can create their own one-of-a-kind costume.

All of these cost cutting measures will help you strike a balance between thriftiness and ensuring your child gets what he or she wants. If you follow these tips, chances are the kids will have more fun at your party than the ones that cost a fortune.

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