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Dora the Explorer Birthday Party

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Dora the Explorer Birthday Party


Print the ones off of the NickJr. website. Also print some coloring pages from the website and color it with your kids for decorations. Then glue them onto pieces of cardboard and hung with ribbon.

Cake and Foods
Follow a Mexican theme and served cheese quesadillas, tacos, Tostitos with nacho dip, "wraps" (tortillas with veggies, chicken), and also sandwiches are cut into stars and squares for the little kids.

Put a streamer with colors pink, orange and purple. Balloons with the same color. You can buy dora the explorer party hats, paper plate, cups, and table cover.

Goodie Bags
There are dora goodie bag treats available in the stores. Like a dora bracelet and mini dora and boots dolls.

Games and Activities:

Make maracas using empty cans filled with beans. The kids can decorate them with paint, stickers and streamers, punch the holes in the tops and bottoms and insert wooden dowels for the handles.

Play, "What's in Backpack? just purchase little trinket toys and placed them inside the backpack and each child had to guess what they were feeling, then got to keep their prize.

Treasure Hunt
Then make a treasure hunt with a map color it free hand. Make some Green streamers hanging from a pole between 2 trees as a jungle, a wooden plank over a tarp as the icky sticky swamp and finally the sandbox as Treasure Island. Inside the sandbox were backpacks that you can make using plain purple treat bags, with fun foam cutouts to look like backpack's face filled with things like whistles, compasses, magnifying glasses, necklaces and gold coins. These were the kids' treat bags. The kids ranged in age from 2 to 10 and everyone will have a great time.

More Activites
You can see more exciting activities at Nickjr. website.

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