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Bath And Bubbles Party

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Bath And Bubbles Party

Float ducky on punch bowl. Make the punch blue if you're brave enough (use blue raspberry fruit juice and 7-Up). Plates, napkins, cups- use bright yellow with orange accents. You can avoid using the boring matched sets of baby paper goods found at card stores.

Party Favors
Fill small plastic bags with blue raffia "water" and ducky-shaped soaps (Linens & Things). Tie off with curling ribbon. Stand upright on each place setting.

Rubber Ducky decorations are easy and colorful and sold everywhere. Build the theme on ducks, bubbles and baths. Float a ducky in a glass pedestal bowl filled with California Crystals which look like bubbles. A drop of blue food coloring adds zing. Attach a balloon for height. Surround the base with yellow curling ribbon frills. California Crystals are found at candle stores or wedding supply stores, and often used for floating candle arrangements. If you can't find them, water with a drop of blue food coloring will work too. for the gift table fill a baby bathtub with ducky-themed gifts for the focal point on the gift table. Use white netting inside to soften the look and fill in between items. Cover with shrink wrap for a professional look. Top with yellow curling ribbon. Wrap in yellow and orange tissue. Fill galvanized wash tub with round light blue balloons (blown up very small to look like bubbles). Arrange gifts on the bubble and decorate the handles with more yellow curling ribbon. Keep the bath theme for prizes- pretty soaps, bath beads, hand towels, etc.


Jar of Things
Start out with a jar with a hole cut in the lid and has some coins in it. Pass it around the room to each baby shower games guest. Each person, one at a time will say something they have NEVER done. Anyone at the baby shower who ever has done that particular thing has to put money in the jar. Every baby shower games guest tries to think of things they have NEVER done that most anybody else would HAVE done. For example - there might be someone who has never had a cavity!!! Maybe a grandmother who has never been drunk..... lots of people would have to "Joy up" on that one! These are just a few ideas that don't really cost much to do but are lots of fun at a baby shower if you have a fun gang, and at the end the jar of money goes to start a savings account for the new baby!

Paint Me A Canvas
This is a great one for leaving a lasting piece of original art as a keepsake for the baby and person to be. For the baby shower, have a nice size pre-stretched canvas, perhaps 16" X 22" or close. You can even try paper such as crepe or tissue paper as a free alternative. This could even be framed depending on how much you what to spend. You should get some vivid, bright and bold colors of acrylic or oil paints. Even fluorescent colors are fine. Also obtain, a small amount of odorless paint thinner and some brushes. All of these items are readily available from an art supply shop. Ask the baby shower guests to each contribute a little artistic work t o the canvas during the party.They can make as many trips to the canvas as they desire throughout the baby shower. Perhaps there is someone at the baby shower with special artistic talents who would like to start the painting with some sort of theme.

Anything works here! Abstract art is nice for this.
For example you will create the theme of the painting as "Jump for joy, Angelina is Born!" Guests also may cut out little flowers from different colored pieces of construction paper. On the back of the flowers the guest may write down a wish for the child and sign their name. Later, after the original artwork dries, glue the little flowers all around the art in a way that they can be lifted and the birth wish can be read.
It will be a truly magnificent original piece of art, a masterpiece!

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