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Barney Birthday Party

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Barney Birthday Party


You can go to and print out nice colored invitations with pictures.

With white icing mixed with red and blue food coloring you could create a great purple cake. Or you can buy some cupcakes to save time (and money).

Barney cupcakes, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, French fries, purple juices.

Purple, green and yellow streamers and balloons. Print our Barney themes coloring pages, or look at Dollar stores for some nice decorations to go with the theme.

Goodie Bags
Buy cupcake wrappers in the Barney theme at a local party supply store. You can also get clear and colored goody bags at a place like that or even at WalMart.
Have a Polaroid picture taken of each child with Barney and put this in their goody bag.


Hire a Barney costumed entertainer who can play with the kids.

Barney Piñata
Purple, green and yellow dino egg hunt using "Barney bags" in purple, green and yellow for guests to use to hold collected eggs.

Pin The Tail On Barney
Trace a Barney figure on construction paper and then color it making a tail for each child. You can also get a Barney color book and maybe give one child a page and they have to color it blind folded and who does the best at staying in lines gets a prize.

Have a Mini Scavenger Hunt for the kids.

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