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Venues for Bachelorette Parties

By Susan M. Keenan

Bachelorette parties are designed to let the bride, in the company of her friends, let her hair down for one last romp as a single woman. The opportunity is one that will never present itself to her again and therefore, it often enters the world of the dangerously silly, enticingly naughty, and uniquely goofy. Gales of girlish laughter that slowly transform into episodes of raucous hilarity fill the night as no other night has for this particular crowd.

Lots of options exist for bachelorette parties. From the classic trip to the bars to the more sedate trip to an operatic performance to an innocent- or not so innocent- slumber party, the choices are as creative as the imagination of the party planners.

If the bachelorette party is making the rounds, take the group on tour in a limousine. This is a popular, and often, a wise thing to do if drinking is going to be involved. Tons of companies rent limousines in a variety of passenger capacities- even buses. Most of the packages include different fees according to the number of hours the vehicle is desired, as well as the number of hours.

The girls can travel the circuit of local bars engaging in a slightly different activity at each one. For example, they can start with appetizers at one bar, migrate to another for dinner, and then wind up at a third bar for nightcaps. Of course, they can just hang out at one bar the entire night. Whatever floats their boats!

Wine tours have become increasing popular in some circuits for bachelorette parties adding an extra touch of class. Limousine rental service is included and ranges anywhere from a small car rental to a tour bus. The girls make the circuit of a predetermined list of wineries, all of which include taste testing and the opportunity to purchase some wine. Drinking and eating are usually permitted in the limousine vehicle, adding to the revelry and antics that occur throughout this night of imbibing and laughter.

If this is too tame, consider visiting a male strip club. In fact, a night spent with exotic male dancers and Chippendale look alikes can certainly be entertaining and arousing. Exotic male dancers that will cause the bride to blush make for such memorable photographs or even videos of the occasion. This certainly isnít for everyone, but it is definitely up on the list of things to do. Just donít invite the mothers of the bride or groom if they might take offence. Lap dances might make the bride blush, but they will certainly be something she will remember years from now.

To take the traveling bachelorette party one step further, a quick jaunt to Las Vegas and the exciting nightlife it has to offer is another idea that works for some groups. This is a city that never sleeps and the group is sure to find more than enough to keep them occupied throughout the night.

Pole dancing lessons have become increasing popular among brides these days, especially younger ones. A few hours learning how to pole dance can liven up any group of young women. The stories about men and their own special brand of antics will be sure to flow afterwards. Other popular variations on this theme include learning to belly dance, learning to strip, and learning to flirt outrageously with your man. Although a wide variety of different companies offer these services, you might have to look outside your local area depending upon the city you live in.

In-home parties for brides-to-be are certainly one of the options that are available for bachelorette parties. Simply check out the local yellow pages or online for companies that offer their services in your area. This type of party provides plenty of opportunity for personalized decorations, interesting and flavorful beverages, oddly shaped food, party favors that make the guests blush, and entertaining games.

One of the more flamboyant of the home parties is the type that focuses purely on sexual toys and playthings. This type of party will demonstrate a variety of items including love potions, sexy lingerie, vibrators, and a variety of other innocuous paraphernalia. This type of party isnít one that you want to invite most mothers of the bride or mothers of the groom to attend.

A ladyís last bash as a single woman usually includes some memorable event. Make your bride-to-beís last bash a memorable one for her. Take lots of photographs. Perhaps, you can even supply the guests with disposable cameras for the event to widen the opportunity to get some unique photos. Whatever type of event you do plan, try and make it fun for everyone involved.

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