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Baby Boy Rhymes Party

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Baby Boy Rhymes Party

Cake marked with a "B", Hot Cross Buns, Cottage Cheese. For drinks I just used a fun color of Kool-Aid.

Use 2 stuffed dolls for Jack & Jill and set them next to a pail, which held the utensils. Another stuffed doll sat next to the cottage cheese and a plastic spider (Little Miss Muffet). Use a cute, girlish box filled with sugar and spices and a blue basket filled with plastic snakes and other boy things. Also boile an egg and "dress" it like Humpty Dumpty and sat it on the table.


Baby Bunting
If you have a computer make a sheet with a picture of Humpty dumpty on top and the guests had to unscramble various baby related words. Have a time race to see who could diaper and then swaddle a baby in a blanket the fastest.

Baby Animal Game
Compile a list of proper names of baby animals, like fawn, gosling, kid, etc... Use a dictionary or a kids book; they usually have the oddest ones. And the odder the better! Make a list of 15 to 20 names, and the guests have to name who the mom is like goose, deer, goat, etc... whoever has the most correct names wins!

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